Inspired by her grade 11 English class to write poetry and songs, Roxy says she has always seen her personal life as a beautiful song, and can't imagine being in a world without music. After high school, she took some singing lessons, taught herself some theory, and began learning cover songs.

Not only a budding performer, Roxy was a big fan of music so it is no surprise that she found herself completely engulfed in the 1980's Toronto music scene; friendships and influences that still hold true today.  

She started her own Heart tribute band and then soon after, moved into a songwriting partnership with two good friends.  When her songwriting partners put their love of music aside, to attend to personal growth and increasing life demands, Roxy joined a top 40 cover band and began acting.

Roxy has completed a variety acting gigs for both major and independent films, as well as doing voiceovers. A natural progression, Roxy continued to diversify pursuing musical theatre, which came in handy when she was asked to join an Alice Cooper tribute band. After the tribute band changed direction, she took her Alice Cooper naughty nurse outfit over to the hard rock band, Raised Emotionally Dead. (RED) The band used a variety of stage props and costumes during the show, so it was a perfect fit.

In 2013, Roxy saw Revelation 17 open for Lee Aaron and was blown away by the band, and singer, Jacqueline Lovely. As the two got better acquainted they realised they had hung out at the same clubs in the 1980's and had actually partied together several times. Jacqueline asked Roxy to join the project singing background support and playing percussion. She quickly became a fan favourite, and was especially talented at engaging the crowd and helping Jacqueline with all kinds of background administration. 

When Jacqueline changed her project from Revelation 17 to Aron Cross, Roxy transitioned with her. Roxy was already comfortable with the new ARON CROSS branding, and having lots of previous experience in theatrical rock projects she became instrumental in the organizing and handling of ARON CROSS' new stage gear.  

Roxy states her musical influences are vast and varied. She finds inspiration all around her both in created music and the music of living. She says that music and writing were her saving grace in turbulent times, and in her own words, explains it quite effortlessly, "It (music) was my escape, my drug, my get up in the morning and face the day, my first and only true Love! Performing, well.....that's just the cherry on top....”

Roxy currently plays percussion, and sings back ups during live performance with the Aron Cross project.