Music Releases

"LOVE ME" - 4 song EP - Acoustic Rock.
Songs co-written with Vince Marcheson. Released in July 2012. Limited pressing, 500 copies. Sponsored. Independent.

"Behind Closed Doors" - Single with Serge Wisotzky. Released world-wide 2014.
Re-released on The album, "Truth Be Told" - Serge Von Dietz (Serge Wisotzky) in 2019.
All digital platforms. Independant.

"Love Changes Everything" - Double song CD, with Serge Wisotzky. Includes the collaboration pieces, "Behind Closed Doors" and "Helping Hand". Released in limited pressings, 2015. Independant.

"You Will Remember Me" - 4 Song EP, Album teaser, and 2 bonus tracks. Includes: Spoken testimony, the acapella song, "You will remember Me" and 2 more tracks from WOT:1. Released world wide 2017. All digital platforms. Independant.

"Warrior of Truth Part 1" - Full length Album, Melodic Metal/Rock. Released July 2017.
Includes the song, "Daddy" declared one of the world's best heavy metal ballads, August 2017, "The Top 100 Best Heavy Metal Ballads in the World" Digital Media Release, Poland.
*This album is part one, in a three album trilogy.

"Songs of Fire" - 4 song EP, Jacqueline's original songs as included in the "FLAMES of FURY"** feature length movie soundtrack.
May 2019 (promotional use only, 100 copies)

Other music/film/performance credits:

Appeared as a Guest singer on Killer Bee's, Hell and Back album, Released 2012, Sweden.



Appeared on Winnipegs, " " in December 2016,
In an episode entitled, "Jacqueline Lovely Perras, Searching for her Birth mother."

Jacqueline appears in two versions of the digital media show.

In both, she discusses the search for her biological mother, and in the shorter version, clips from her guest appearance singing at Winnipeg's Pony Corral, are included.


As part of Jacqueline's ongoing search for her biological family, she released the video, "A lullabye for my mother; the Chair" on utube in October 2016, just before she left on a cross Canada journey to locate her family history.

The song is a folk rock lullabye written with Vince Marcheson in 2011, performed live for The Barrie Business Association, November 2011.

The song tells the story of Jacqueline's longing to connect with her birth mother, and includes phootage of the Lake Lousie district of Alberta.


Jacqueline's promotion company, "Rock Princess Promotions" hosted the 1st Annual, "Women on Fire." At Toronto's Rockpile Night Club.

The night of live music, raffles and special guests, featured 3 female fronted bands raising money for an anti-violence charity or women's empowerment project.

Jacqueline's Rock Theatre band, "Aron Cross" performed along side, "Haunted Heart," "Sophia Radsich" and a variety of special guests, in an end of night jam session.

The event in 2018 raised money for the independant movie, "Flames of Fury." The movie depicts a middle aged women dealing with the trauma of remembering her life as a child prostitute.


Jacqueline appears as a guest singer on the Method2Madness album track, "1812,"
Album: Method2Madness: Welcome to the World of Madness" Released world-wide in 2020. Artilary Records/Universal. 1812 is available on iTunes and by utube video.


Jacqueline acted in the 2019 production, "Flames of Fury." The movie features Jacqueline as a party singer, performing her original song, "Woman". The film used 4 of Jacqueline's original songs in its soundtrack, including a collaboration piece with the film's director, Gloria Yazdani.
(Ref. "Flames of Fury" directed by Gloria Yazdsni.)


Jacqueline's original song, "Damaged" is included in the 2019 trailer for the movie, "Flames of Fury," and the trailer released on internet media including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and uTube.

Here is the uTube link to the movie's trailer: 


In June 2019, Jacqueline did a cameo in the feature length film, "The Good Family."

Appearing in the films openings scene, Jacqueline sits reading on a bench, whilst a dastardly plot looms. The first song in the movie's soundtrack, "How Do You Like Me Now?" ("Warrior of Truth: Part 1" c2017) follows Jacqueline's appearance in the film.

"The Good Family" went on to choose 2 more of Jacqueline's original songs for the film, including, "Save Me," from her new album due out late 2020.


In November 2019, Jacqueline's promotion company, Rock Princess Promotions hosted the 2nd Annual "Women on Fire" at Toronto's Rockpile.

4 female fronted bands raised money for the 2019 charity selection, "Keep Your Hands to Yourself," an charitable organization that helps anyone in need, escape from an unhealthy domestic environment.

At the 2019 event, Aron Cross Rock Theatre performed along side, Black9, LIQUIDCRISTAL, and Karrie Lynn Diamond.


In February, 2020, Jacqueline collaborated with singer song-writer, Valerie Shearman (Just Heart), to create a story-centred video for Valerie's original song, "She's Everybody's Daughter" Jacqueline co-directed the video, acted in, and and casted the actors for the story portions of the video.


On February 23rd, 2020, Jacqueline hosted the Brampton, Ontario location for the wildfire fundraiser, "Artists for Austraila"

AFA was a multi-province initiative, the first of it's kind, that raised funds in 6 venue locations over three days. The event raised $11,000 in Austrailian currency for animals displaced by the wildfires. AFA was the brain child of local Toronto rock band, "Canada Rocks". Winnipeg, Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario participated. LOVE ME" - 4 song EP - Acoustic Rock. 2012

Jacqueline completes her 2nd album in the Warrior of Truth Trilogy - "The Quickening." 

The first song “Arrythmia”, co-written with the late Joshua Walsh of IFORANI, is set to release at the end of August 2023. (J.W. RIP OCT 2021)

Jacqueline performs her first solo theatre show in her hometown of Atikokan, Ontario, as part of the Bass Classic Weekend, August 18th, 2023