ROCK PRINCESS, Jacqueline Lovely Perras, has just completed her first full length album,
"Warrior of Truth"
World-wide Digital release was July 17th, 2017, via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and a dozen other platforms!
CD's are now available here in the
Warrior Gear shop and will also be available
at all of Jacqueline's upcoming appearances.
 iTunes link for the album is:

Aron Cross is a high-energy, melodic rock/metal band, fronted by lead singer, Jacqueline Lovely Perras.  

This dynamic, powerhouse singer has been performing since she was in grade school, her transparency, passion and strength pack a powerful punch, and audiences can expect to come away from shows feeling elevated and empowered by her words of hope and encouragement.



Hear the music. Feel the Passion.

As the Warrior Princess, Jacqueline leads her band, Aron Cross, to open the minds of the lost, to bring awareness to social injustice, and testify of God's love. 

Life happens. Sadness is. Guilt holds us hostage. Jacqueline sings about her truths, her challenges and her openness to forgive, while encouraging others to be honest about who they are and reach out in fellowship and healing. In telling the stories of her life and her view of today's world, she strives to connect with the disenfranchised, the hearts that are silenced by pain, the wanderer who is not sure of his path; in helping others to reveal those hurtful experiences that hold them hostage, she believes forgiveness becomes possible. 

The musicians of Aron Cross are passionate dedicated players that bring the songs to life with melodic melodies, haunting arias, and heart-felt performances that engage the audience.

Aron Cross is currently a 6 piece band consisting of a vocalist, lead guitarist, violin/rythmn guitarist/support singer, drummer (who plays a wide range of percussion instruments) a Bass player, and a support singer/percussionist/stage hand. Performances including a variety of props and dramatic lighting, leading to a show that is beautiful for the eyes and ears.



Check show listings for details. Connect with Jacqueline on Facebook to learn about jam nights and other special appearances.

Hear the music. Feel the Passion.

Forgiveness heals the forgiver.

****Rock Princess Promotions, was founded by Jacqueline Lovely Perras, in September 2016. This artist promotion company is currently in the development stages.

Me gossip post

Love creates Love. Podcast

This post I created, was so popular on my personal facebook page this week, that I must share it with all of you warriors of LOVE.

Truth is about more than being honest, it's about listening to what others say around you. To create love, surround yourself with love.

Laughing at the expense of another's humiliation, making up stories about assumptions that are made by sharing half-truths, any sharing that is NOT for the benefit and uplifting of another for the opposite reason - to hurt them, to…

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Live music supporter, Colin McAllister is remembered with love and music.

Last night's benefit at Toronto's Rockpile, for rock scene booster, Colin McAllister was a big success, with many bands performing in his honor. Friends and family gathered from 5pm till 1am to remember this fun, genuine guy who was full of passion for rock music. 

I didn't know Colin well. I never went to his house, or had dinner with him; before the funeral, I had never met anyone in his family. But I am a singer, based in Toronto...and I can't remember ever performing a show locally that Colin didn't…

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Zalgonquinz photo shoot 2aabcll

The ALBUM, "Warrior of Truth" is DONE! Digital release July 17th, 2017 - worldwide Podcast

From the darkness she rises, a warrior, with the voice of a thousand vengeful sirens; to say what is never said, to challenge the evil that feeds on the hearts of men.

I sound the call to all who choose hope and light and love - BELIEVE and be free.

Welcome to WARRIOR of TRUTH.

The album is mastered and in the final stages before it's worldwide digital release on July 17th, 2017.

The first track, "King of the World" is currently being sneak peak previewed on my personal facebook page, so pop over to…

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Algonquinz photo shoot 5

Photos done, the last song for the album begins recording tonight!

I am super excited! I had an amazing location shoot for the new album, "Warrior of Truth" in Ontario's beautiful Algonquin Park. The pictures came out amazing. It will be hard to choose the final 4 for the album, but all of the cool pictures will still get used when the album goes into digital release. (see pics here->

Tonight we start vocals on the final song for the album, "King of The World". Pete Swann of Attitude Productions has done an amazing job helping…

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Canada day 2017

Happy 150th Birthday CANADA!

Serge and Jacqueline will be doing a special performance of rock covers and originals at this years CANADA DAY SPLASH in Atikokan, Ontario.

We are excited to be a part of Canadian History this year as part of Atikokan's annual parade and as part of the Entertainment line up. Atikokan has had a very successful turnout at their yearly event which has been building each year. (2016 - 800 particpants)

There will be a parade, speakers, free food, vendors and LIVE entertainment in the town's Heritage Park. 


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One of the new photos for the album release coming JULY 2017, "WARRIOR of TRUTH"

One of the new photos for the album release coming JULY 2017, "WARRIOR of TRUTH"

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Previous events

Date Event Location
 —  — Set time 9:00pm - Headbangers Ball The Rockpile, Toronto The Rockpile, Toronto
Rise Like a Phoenix Fundraiser Club Absinthe, Hamilton, Ontario Club Absinthe, Hamilton, Ontario
 —  — ARON CROSS in Studio with RBX RADIO RBX Studio, ST. Catharine RBX Studio, ST. Catharine
Pure Rock Radio with Jacqueline Lovely Perras World-wide via the internet World-wide via the internet
 —  — WALKEN HEAVY METAL FESTIVAL 2017 Blasting The North, Wacken, Germany Blasting The North, Wacken, Germany
Serge and Jacqueline of ARON CROSS celebrate CANADA's 150th Birthday CANADA DAY SPLASH! Atikokan Celebrates Canada's 150th BIRTHDAY, Atikokan CANADA DAY SPLASH! Atikokan Celebrates Canada's 150th BIRTHDAY, Atikokan
Geoff Tate of QUEENSRYCHE, with guests Jacqueline Lovely Perras and Russ Dwarf of the KILLER DWARFS The Rockpile, Toronto The Rockpile, Toronto
JACQUELINE LOVELY PERRAS - co-hosts on MAX INK RADIO LIVE world-wide, recorded in ST. Catharine LIVE world-wide, recorded in ST. Catharine
JACQUELINE LOVELY PERRAS - Showcase event The Pony Corral Restaurant and Nightclub, Winnipeg The Pony Corral Restaurant and Nightclub, Winnipeg
ARON CROSS with guest guitarist Ron Pine Aurora CORN ROAST 2016, Aurora Aurora CORN ROAST 2016, Aurora
JACQUELINE LOVELY PERRAS in support of Phoenix Place Women and Children's Shelter Stonewalls, Hamilton Stonewalls, Hamilton
Rock the Rabbit - Jacqueline Lovely Perras guest appearance The Rockpile, Toronto The Rockpile, Toronto
ARON CROSS world-wide LIVE via CONCERT WINDOW Sessions on The River, FT. ERIE, Ontario Sessions on The River, FT. ERIE, Ontario
Adler - Legendary Guns'n'Roses Drummer Rockpile West, Toronto Rockpile West, Toronto
Rock & Rise Like A Phoenix This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton
ARON CROSS with Tommy Gunn The Casbah, Hamilton, Ontario The Casbah, Hamilton, Ontario
ARON CROSS with ANVIL!! ENCORE, Orillia, Ontario ENCORE, Orillia, Ontario
ARON CROSS in Studio with MAXI INK RADIO MAX INK RADIO Studio, ST. Catharine MAX INK RADIO Studio, ST. Catharine
 —  — ARON CROSS co-host MAX INK RADIO with special guest Eddie Savage MAX INK RADIO Studio, ST. Catharine MAX INK RADIO Studio, ST. Catharine
 —  — ARON CROSS with special guest LES WHEELER The Beach, Innisfil, Ontario The Beach, Innisfil, Ontario
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